Flag Watch.

Well it’s all over for England but the World Cup is still under way.

So how have the motorists around Stevenage reacted to England’s exit. Has it done anything to douse their patriotic fervour or are they so disgusted with our wretched showing they’re pretending to be Welsh?

You can always rely on white van man to fly the flag. True to form one I saw this morning with St George’s wing mirrors – a rather more subtle variation on the signature red electrician’s tape stretched the full length and height of the van.

‘And what of Swingate?’ you’re not asking yourself. This particular barometer of national pride (or simple lethargy) shows only one motor with both flags flying.

These flags are rumoured to knock 3% off yer mpg...

As I write, the Netherlands are through (Holland anyone?) and Germany are playing Spain tonight for the right to meet them in the final. Will those flags make it all the way through to Monday?

I’ll let you know!


England out.

So there it is. Or┬árather, there it was. Everyone’s at a loss to explain it but everyone’s an expert all the same.

Highly paid Premier League players can’t play as a team. They’re too tired/greedy/out of position/injured/burdened by the shirt, etc, etc. Any or all of the above.

Still, we can’t be the only nation that gets excited about our chances in the World Cup and then gets disappointed when we get knocked out. And at least we aren’t France.

This sight greeted me in Swingate the other evening. Seemed appropriate. Bet Sainsburys can’t give ’em away now.

Hopes and dreams trampled in the dirt. Again.

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