The Glass Man of Stevenage.

Rather unkindly, some people refer to people who wear Google Glass as ‘Glassholes’. But then you don’t see many about.
But I see one one. Most mornings. We share a train (with a few hundred other people).
There he is on the platform as we wait for the train. And every day he’s wearing his Glass.
Google Glass

Look how much fun it is to wear them/it.

I don’t pay him close attention but I’ve never actually seen him using them. They just sit on his face, so to speak.
Why does he wear them/it?
Force of habit? Will he need them later on and if he doesn’t wear them he’ll forget them?
I’m not going to judge him. It’s his right to wear them. Personally, I wouldn’t choose to sport them every day – and certainly not if I wasn’t going to use them
The other week I got off the tube at Victoria and to my surprise he hopped out of the driver’s cab. So no doubt he works for TfL and cadged a lift with a mate.
So does he drive Tube trains and film the tunnels as he goes? I know SNCF were trialing Google Glass to speed up ticket checking – a good idea in principle – but this is a conundrum that baffles me every morning.

A big shout out to Ardeley School. And their blog.

ardeley school blog

This is a thinly-veiled or not-even-veiled-at-all attempt to direct the Google bots over to the blog I set up for my daughter’s school.

It’s a lovely little village school with around 65 pupils. There’s a farm over the road and a village church next door. It really is an idyllic place to begin your education. Of course I’d recommend it – I’m a governor there.

One last link: Ardeley School’s blog >

The Maria Sharapova bruise.

Every so often, life can take an unexpected turn. Suddenly you’re no longer sitting at your desk under harsh strip-lighting, you’re on a tennis court in LA waiting for Maria Sharapova to arrive so she can hit tennis balls at you – you know how it is.

How did this come to pass? One of our clients is Sony Ericsson. We’re very busy doing lots of lovely advertising for them and Maria is one of their ‘Brand Ambassadors’.

Some fashion shoot had been cancelled at the last minute and given that the whole tennis tour season kicks off very soon, this was Sony Ericsson’s last chance to make use of her time – 90 minutes of it to be exact.

So in very short order we were briefed and quickly narrowed down our best ideas to 3 we thought would be acceptable to Maria and ‘her people’ (they always have people – I don’t, maybe I’m doing something wrong).

That was quickly whittled down to the one idea that was sold in and in no time at all I was one of an elite team of admen sitting in Economy heading to LA.

What you see here is the result. Maria was a delight and extremely accommodating, signing my daughter’s tennis racket cover and giving me 2 kisses – probably out of guilt for the physical damage she’d caused me.


Exhibit A

Dogging in Stevenage.

It’s always fascinating (to me) to see what search terms have brought viewers to my corner of the internets. And today was no exception. As we all know, all human life is here online with all its ‘niche’ interests. Including dogging.

I’ve mentioned the word once (and not in reference to anything I might be interested in) but once was enough to see me to go top of the Google charts when someone looked for “dogging in stevenage november 2010”.

"A new entry, straight in at number one..."

I feel a curious sense of pride. If this post has brought that particular browser back here, apologies twice over as I doubt you found what you were looking for. Best of luck with it though!

Parking in Stevenage is One!

Wow. Who knew? One year and 1,556 page views later, Parking in Stevenage is still going strong. We’ve covered shopping trolleys, transvestites, Duncan Norvelle, Lewis Hamilton, hats and gloves – all human life is here!

It feels like such a significant event – like the anniversary of Google or Amazon or the internets.

“Why did you start this blog in the first place?” you’re not asking yourself. Well I’ll tell you. It was as much for my own amusement than for any other audience (fortunately). I don’t have to submit my first draft to anyone else to approve. I’m my own boss. I can write what I like. For better or worse.

So thanks to Swingate, Danesgate, Daneshill, Southgate and St George’s multi-storey for having me. To Stevenage station for giving me somewhere to catch the train from. And to First Capital Connect and National Express for transporting me from East Herts to King’s Cross (and back again).

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank both my readers for sticking with me. Believe me when I tell you, things can only get better – that’s probably quite easy for you to believe, truth be told.

Here’s to another 365 days of Parking in Stevenage. It’s gonna be real!

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