An inspector calls.

That’s 3 journeys in a row. They must be having a crackdown or something but my last 3 journeys have had ticket inspectors doing the rounds.

And they’re thorough enough to want to see my photocard as well (not just me, the rest of the passengers too).

Ahh, them were t' days...

I’ve got a Gold Card season ticket which apparently affords me great things beyond simple permission to travel between Stevenage and King’s Cross. Like  a “34% discount on Standard Class Single and return tickets on participating train company services within the Network Area” , however, they’re not falling over themselves to bring them to my attention. Maybe I’ll go sniffing around.

Reliant Robin overtakes BMW X3.

Not quite enough wheels for my liking.

Not quite enough wheels for my liking.

You don’t see so many these days but I saw a V reg Reliant Robin this morning on my drive to the station.

You may be ahead of me here if you’ve already read this post’s title. Basically it overtook an X3. Not quite as newsworthy as winning the Ashes or releasing a Lockerbie bomber but I thought it was worth putting on record – just in case anyone Googles ‘ Has a Reliant Robin ever overtaken a BMW X3?’.

Yes it bloody well has.

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