Sunrise on the 8.07

Apparently I missed a corker of a sunset last night – and I hate that. Nothing like a good sunset to fill you with a sense of childlike wonder and briefly pose questions about ‘the meaning of it all’. And they’re free too.

Anyway, seems I’m not the only one oblivious to all things celestial. Everyone was buried too deep in their crossword/iPod/Blackberry to notice when I took this pic this morning on the train.

Even Stevenage looks good at this time in the morning.

It looks like we’re commuting to our mineral mines on Mars. But we weren’t really.

Tornado at Finsbury Park.

Well we have had some filthy weather of late but this was a different type of tornado. Ahhhh, days of steam. Even though I saw the word ‘Tornado’ down the side, the information have found suggests this is the name of the class of engine (or whatever) and the name on the front is the actual name.

Man looks at old train from slightly less old train.

Anyway, there it was,  pulling away from Finsbury Park at roughly the same rate that we were.

My dad would have been beside himself. Hey dad, this post’s for you.

Talisman on the front, Tornado down the side. Don't ask...

Wood Pigeon Down.

I guess the car wanted it more.

I guess the car wanted it more.

I hit a pigeon on my way to the station this morning. Did I kill it? I don’t know. I was doing about 40 when it swooped down, fatally misjudging my speed and met my right headlight. It was a hefty glancing blow. It bounced over the roof of my car and, because I was still paying attention to where I was going, I don’t know what became of it.

It was certainly enough to wind it or even knock it out, in which case any one of the cars behind me will have finished the job. I’ll have a look on the way home tonight.

In the meantime I have a little souvenir of the incident.

A feather in my... headlight actually.

A feather in my... headlight actually.

This is the second wildlife/car coming-together incident I’ve had in the last couple of weeks. I’m surprised there haven’t been more. Living in the countryside, you see so much more roadkill (badgers are more brown than black and white – certainly the underside). The first incident involved a rabbit and very nearly my front right tyre. I was driving to the airport at about 4 in the morning. There it was suddenly lit up in my headlights – I can still see his twitching little face looking at me in surprise: “What happens now?”

As seen by the next bunny in line.

As seen by the next bunny in line.

Well fortunately for him, I swerved to the left and slammed on the brakes (giving me that rumble-strip sensation you get from the ABS system). That swerve led me into the path of 2 more rabbits, so further evasive action was needed. God knows how it must have looked to the driver coming the other way – or maybe he had his own rabbits to worry about.

All that effort from me and yet I doubt those bunnies made it to sun up. It’s a very fast bit of road and even at that ungodly hour, your luck can only hold out for so long.

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