Stevenage Leisure Park: wrong side of the tracks.

I was looking for an image of Stevenage Leisure Park and I found this, courtesy of

Super job. It’s perhaps not quite as grim as this in real life. At night with the bright lights turned on, one feels¬†strangely¬†drawn to SLP’s many attractions.

A former Stevenage resident (currently living in Russia) has pointed out to me her delight at seeing the SLP signposted at a ‘tourist attraction’ complete with official brown road sign. It looks like this:

This denotes a 'pleasure or theme park'.


Busy floor.

It’s fair to say I work in one of the most densely populated areas of office space in the world.

My company is rejigging the seating, so while the workmen redo the second floor, half the displaced colleagues have come and joined us on the lower ground floor.

Quiet time on the lower ground floor.

It’s more crowded and hotter than a Mumbai sweatshop. Probably. It’s only for a few weeks and it’s difficult to conceive an alternative plan. So for now I just have to breathe in and wedge myself into my desk every time my colleagues want to squeeze past my chair, nudging it just enough to be annoying but not quite enough to justify an endless stream of expletive-laden vitriol in their face (which is conveniently close at hand).

There’s only so much HR will let me get away with. And I do push it sometimes.

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