Lady in waiting.

I pull into Swingate round about the same time every weekday. 8am give or take.

Lately I’ve noticed that there’s a car parked under the oak tree near the far end. Inside there’s a lady. Waiting. I don’t know what she’s waiting for.

...just like this.

Maybe she’s waiting to hear the news on the radio. Is she meeting someone here and giving them a lift elsewhere? Does she does like the Swingate vibe and so she just hangs out there for a bit?

If you see her, give her a wave. She’s in a dark green Golf. With a fag on.

There’s a spider living in the parking barrier.

Look carefully and you’ll see it; a spider’s taken up residence between the ticket machine’s display and the glass that protects it. He’s only diddy.

There he is!

There he is!

There’s a surprising amount of arachnophobia around as I discovered earlier in the year when I was proposing that we use an animated spider to front the campaign for a well-known mobile handset. Suddenly all these underground arachnophobes came out of the woodwork. They couldn’t hide their unease – even with a cartoon spider. You could see them tensing up and looking away. Fools. Wimps. Freaks. Clients and colleagues alike.

If you ever see an ad featuring spiders – good or bad – hats off because there are some serious issues and obstacles it has to get past to see the light of day. There was no way my spider campaign was ever going to get through – and it was an amazing idea, let me tell you.

A mate of mine was a confirmed arachnophobe – even a tomato stalk would freak him out. The laughs we used to have…

A breakdancing spider attacking a tomato. No hang on...

A breakdancing spider attacking a tomato. No hang on...

Pole position.

Early starts mean an opportunity for a prime spot in Swingate and today offered me the nearest spot to the station. This should get me home a full 39 seconds earlier than if I’d parked up the other end. I must text my wife and urge her to put the supper on a little earlier this evening.

What a considerate husband I am.

My ride waiting patiently for me at the station.

My ride waiting patiently for me at the station.

My debut in Daneshill

Another early start this morning. Had to feed back comments on the first cut of the short film we shot on Friday and then write some new scripts for another short film before 9.30. Ah, the glamour of it all…

Well, I thought I’d treat myself, broaden my parking horizons and leave LC in the care of Daneshill car park.

A word about Daneshill. I’ve coveted the spaces in Daneshill until now; call it car-park-envy if you will. It’s right next to the steps to the station, just like Swingate, but for some reason, the spaces go a little bit earlier. It’s nearer the bingo, but I can’t see that being a deal-breaker. But in summary, today’s parking was an even bigger event than usual.

Plenty of spaces. I chose well, I think. I picked the third nearest space to the steps leading to the station and I reversed in as well, so tonight I’ll be out of that car park like a bat out of Daneshill.

One thing that does hold me back is getting the swipe card ready, winding the window down and actually steering the bloody car all at the same time. I’ve narrowly avoided dinging my front wing on more than one occasion. The best solution I’ve found so far is having the card ready in my teeth and the window down before I even leave my parking spot – though in cold weather I’d really prefer to make it a last minute wind-down.

Maybe velcro could play a part? Suggestions welcome.

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