Stevenage Leisure Park: wrong side of the tracks.

I was looking for an image of Stevenage Leisure Park and I found this, courtesy of

Super job. It’s perhaps not quite as grim as this in real life. At night with the bright lights turned on, one feels¬†strangely¬†drawn to SLP’s many attractions.

A former Stevenage resident (currently living in Russia) has pointed out to me her delight at seeing the SLP signposted at a ‘tourist attraction’ complete with official brown road sign. It looks like this:

This denotes a 'pleasure or theme park'.


Sunrise on the 8.07

Apparently I missed a corker of a sunset last night – and I hate that. Nothing like a good sunset to fill you with a sense of childlike wonder and briefly pose questions about ‘the meaning of it all’. And they’re free too.

Anyway, seems I’m not the only one oblivious to all things celestial. Everyone was buried too deep in their crossword/iPod/Blackberry to notice when I took this pic this morning on the train.

Even Stevenage looks good at this time in the morning.

It looks like we’re commuting to our mineral mines on Mars. But we weren’t really.

Hat man is called Derek.

And he looks like one too. Overheard a mate talking to him as they were getting off the train. I wasn’t earwigging, I just caught it in the wind.

As for the hat, I think it’s some sort of kepi. A colleague of mine also sees Derek and his kepi. He’s shown me his surreptitious photo of the two together. One day it may appear on this blog. This could turn into a sport – a bit like Dick and Dom’s bogey game. They have to say BOGEY as loud as possible in a public place. Our challenge is to get the clearest, closest shot of Derek and kepi. I think I’m winning at the mo’.

A kepi: same shape, different colour and materials.

A kepi: same shape, different colour and materials.

Mystery blogger almost reveals identity.

Man discovers panorama function on phone he's had for 18 months.

Man discovers panorama function on phone he's had for 18 months.

On the same day my wife rescued a stray lamb that had been disowned by its mother and bullied by the rest of the sheep, I discovered the panorama function on my phone. Not revolutionary (and ironically I feel a little sheepish about it) but it leaves a little ghost of the edge of the first photo you took to help you align the next shot up – and then again for the third shot too. Genius! Though I’m told it’s very common… Well now you and I know it exists, so aren’t we smug!

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