The Perfect Storm – London-style.

As if a tube strike wasn’t enough, a decidedly un-British monsoon and a power surge in New Southgate tunnel conspired to hamper my commute home. Having to walk to King’s Cross as there were no buses due for ages and you can imagine the crush when they eventually arrived/sailed straight past. So then waiting for the 6.44, at 6.44 there was no sign of the front 4 coaches that always arrive separately and join uncomfortably.

So very cleverly, avoiding the crush of the people waiting on Platform 9, I snuck round the top and back down a deserted Platform 8 and took this pic.

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point

So then checking my National Rail app on my phone, I saw the platform had been announced for the 6.53 – Platform 7. I could walk to the ticket barrier end and round that way, but I had the brainwave of getting the lift up to the walkway and down. Easy. Except a few others had the same idea and when the 2 guys and their very muscular dog got in with us, the computer lady said we had to reduce the weight. It took a little for the 2 chaps with the dog to work out what this meant, but the penny dropped and they wandered off.

So we left nearly on time and we seemed to be home and (getting) dry. Then the main carriage lights went off and we were reduced to a crawl. The driver, bless him, used the tannoy to tell us a power surge in the tunnel had buggered the train. Luckily it seemed to get fixed and we carried on… Look no wonder I don’t post on this blog any more. So tedious! Yes I KNOW that was the point…

Apocolypse over Stevenage.

Friday. Cloudy. Just before the rain. Quite heavy rain at that. And thunder. And pinkish lighting.

By the power of Greyskull. Hooooo!!!

"By the power of Greyskull. Hooooo!!!"

By the power of Greyskull. Hooooo!!!.

The sky is not a happy bunny.

Oh well, the fact that I’ve posted this and both of you have read this proves that the world didn’t end after all. It was just a few clouds. But it was a close call. Consider it a warning.

Water on glass.

Finally my cameraphone spits out a half-decent image.

Finally my cameraphone spits out a half-decent image.

Not much to report. Both Hansel and Gretel are still in Trolley Corner. I also spied a similar trolley outside the Gents in Stevenage station, which would mean it had been wheeled through the ticket barriers. I would have taken a piccy but my train was pulling in to the station. There are many good causes for which one could miss one’s train. Taking a photo of a shopping trolley outside a toilet is not one of them.

So in the meantime, here’s a photo of my car’s windscreen where the wipers don’t reach.

At last. The rains. They have come.

It's the shizz!

It's the shizz!

Finally it rained, giving me the chance to see how this Rain Clear stuff works. And I’ve got to say, I’m impressed! Even driving into a moderate headwind, any rain just beads and makes a beeline for the edge of the windscreen long before the wipers come to usher them out of the way. If anyone’s interested, you can get it here.

Misting up.

Got this new stuff through the post last week. Anti-fogging goo for the inside of the car windows and rain run-off stuff for the outside.

Does what it says on the er... box / tube.

Does what it says on the er... box / tube.

For some reason, my Focus seem to steam up like a mother. The recent cold snap has been particularly burdonsome. So I tried the anti-fogging stuff last week and by jingo it seems to work. I applied the raindrop-beading slime to the windows yesterday but my experiment has been foiled – no rain today. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating that is. More news when the weather decides to play ball.

Parking-wise. Swingate had a choice of about 4 spaces for me this morning. It’s half-term (and Monday at that) but that doesn’t seem to had any effect on the parking situation. Whether Danesgate chimes with the same statistic, for now I cannot say.

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