Not straight.

Are you supposed to park with your wheels straight? I mean after you’ve finished your manoeuvres?

I don’t. Consequently my reasonable-in-every-way Ford Focus looks extra ‘hairy’ – ripe for a sexy wide angle photo from a low perspective.


Go on any second hand car site and you’ll see the sort of three-quarters-on shot I mean.

Meandering through Swingate towards the station I note that EVERY other car without exception has dutifully had its wheels left in perfect parallels heading straight ahead.

Is there a rule? Do they teach this at driving school? I don’t remember my diminutive driving instructor Tony telling me to ‘straighten my wheels’. I do remember how small he was though. I only discovered this at my driving test because until then I’d honestly only ever seen him sitting in the passenger seat of the car I was learning in. I’d never seen him standing up – not that it made much difference.

So, to straighten or just leave them where they lie? I’m guessing it must be something they teach. Possible reasons: takes the strain off the steering / makes sure the steering doesn’t become imbalanced / makes sure when you drive off you know where your wheels are facing / just assimilate with the rest of the population, you mindless automaton…


946 Duncan Norvelle-curious visitors in a day.

Got back from holiday on December 23. Got a message from a chum (who already au fait with this blog) to tell me that Duncan Norvelle was on Come Dine With Me on Channel 4.

La Norvelle: note the wrists. Tricky innit.

Shame, I got in too late to catch it – plus there was unpacking to do, putting the kids to bed, etc. I thought no more about it until I checked The Parking In Stevenage stats on my first day back at work – yesterday.

Blow me. 946 hits in one day! For little old me. Well, me and Duncan. On WordPress you can see what terms brought the page to people’s attention. Basically, everyone wants to know if he’s gay. Some people beat around the bush and search for “Duncan Norvelle married”, others like to call him “Duncan Chase Me Norvelle” to include his 80’s catch phrase. But the overwhelming majority want to know: is the camp thing real?

Straight up, he’s not gay. That’s what I’m hearing.

See for yourself. Couldn't believe it, etc.

Is he gay. Is he? Is he? No really, is he?

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