Why is Stevenage traffic suddenly all clogged up?



What is it all of a sudden with traffic in Stevenage? All backed up on the roundabout leading up to the Tesco Extra leading into Lytton Way, trailing back as far back as Fairlands Valley Park. I don’t understand.

Are there roadworks blocking other routes then? I don’t know. All I do know that I have to set off five minutes early to make sure I get the same train.

I mean, is this just temporary or is it permanent from now on?

Traffic’s always heaviest in the middle of the week, but even on Mondays it’s choggy.

I can’t get to Swingate any other route – that’s the nature of Lytton Way’s 5/6 lane dual carriageway. Unless I come at the big roundabout from Old Stevenage direction but then that’ll set me back routing from there anyway.

First World problems, eh…

Duncan Norvelle rides again.

The fascinating thing about doing a blog is checking the stats and seeing what people are coming to read.

With WordPress you can even see the search terms that people have used to find a particular post.

So you get the familar ones, like Stevenage, parking and station – no surprises there.

Then you get things like Tesco, shopping trolley and tickets – again, that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve done plenty of posts that have those tags.

So which area of borrowed interest has been the most effective in bringing traffic to PiS?

Two words. Duncan Norvelle. Most of the searches are accompanied by ‘chase me’, ‘married’, ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’. It seems I was not alone in pondering his lifestyle choice, given his act. Turns out it is just that – an act.

The poster that started it all.

The poster that started it all.

Not only that, I had a reply to the post from someone saying that Duncan had got their sister’s mate pregnant – presumably a woman. Well that pretty much settles it. Though to be fair, neither Google nor Wikipedia could corroborate the story, so who knows (he says, trying to avoid legal proceedings).

So as well as being an excuse to post a traffic-pulling topic that will once again bring high volumes of curious visitors, hopefully this gives you a valuable insight into your fellow browsers. And by the way, another top puller is the word ‘transvestite’. Now I’ve got my best tags all in one post – a sort of greatest hits if you like.

For the original post on Duncan Norvelle, go here:

Parking all over Stevenage.

It’s snow-sprinkled anarchy! Stevenage has turned into one giant car park. People are parking their cars all over the show – mainly because they can’t move them.

Walkern to Stevenage.

Walkern to Stevenage.

Yesterday I spent 2 hours skidding (very slowly) around the outskirts of Stevenage trying to make it to the station. Abandoned cars, a jack-knifed lorry and the abysmal conditions conspired against me. I narrowly avoided getting stuck myself and returned home defiant but defeated.

Pretty. But pretty annoying.

Pretty. But pretty annoying.

Today I persevered but it still took me 2 hours between leaving the house and getting on the train.

Fairlands Way (way slow).

Fairlands Way (way slow).

Gettin' kinda heavy...

Gettin' kinda heavy...

But what a nice train it was – another National Express train making a special stop at Stevenage because of issues on the line and weather and and and… This post was brought to you courtesy of their free WiFi connection.

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