Sony Ericsson: Breakdelics – “Da Phunk”

Here’s a music promo that was the culmination of a long campaign to promote the Xperia mini and mini pro. Both these phones have diddy little touchscreens and the TV campaign used the idea of fingers dancing across the screen to get that point across.

They found a YouTube fingerdancing legend from Israel and her fingers featured in the TV ads. We then challenged the public send us their fingerdancing videos and take part in Battle Fingers on YouTube. The winner was a Spanish guy called Elian and his prize was to star in the music video to the song that accompanied the TV commercial. Got all that?

It was shot in 2 days in a studio in Stockwell. We didn’t to Brooklyn or the Bronx at all. Amazing!

Here’s the entry I did with my son – as I worked on the project I wasn’t eligible to win anything but as you’ll see, ours was definitely the best…

Put a ring on it.

This is perhaps a little altruistic. It’s a video made to raise money for Comic Relief, but by putting it on this blog, I also increase the video content on here by 33-50%, which is quite a jump.

Why is this relevant? It’s from the people who do the breakfast radio show that keeps me entertained in my car between 7.45 when I leave my house and 8.01 when I park in Stevenage (see?).

You can get the background on the vid at

All in a good cause, etc.

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