How to make it snow inside your car.

Come the winter months, my reasonable-in-every-way Ford Focus reveals itself to be more damp (damper?) than the average vehicle.

When it’s parked under cover, it’s not a problem, but when I come back to Swingate in the evening, the frost has not only covered my windscreen on the outside, there’s a thin coating of ice covering the inside too. This is hard to shift.

A reconstruction.

I gave it a go with a redundant credit card combined with the blowers on full. You should try it – it makes your car’s interior very Christmassy. As the scraped ice flakes fall from the windscreen, the fans catch them and blow them gaily hither and thither. They then drift gently down and melt all over my dashboard, probably dripping somewhere mechanically unhealthy.

Plan B anyone?

The heaters don’t really get going until I’ve driven for a bit. Catch 22: can’t go anywhere with the windscreen iced up – it might not be suicide but it’s not a clever idea is it.

I’m leaning towards getting a big bag of silica gel (tarted up with packaging for marketing purposes, of course) to leave in the car and soak up the excess moisture. I”ve found motoring solutions in the past. I can do it again. I shall report back soon.

Poo watch – update.

Monday: all clear.
Tuesday: all clear.
Wednesday: all clear – had an early start to had my pick of spaces away from over hanging trees.
Thursday: a false dawn. 5 separate craps. One in the shape of a question mark and others almost transparent – bird wee?
Friday: Negligible – nothing new. Thursday was when all the damage was done, focused on the top right corner of my rear windscreen (under some overhanging branches).

Summary: I was surprised to get away so lightly to be honest. Some days I got lucky and then there was Birdlime Thursday…



Water on glass.

Finally my cameraphone spits out a half-decent image.

Finally my cameraphone spits out a half-decent image.

Not much to report. Both Hansel and Gretel are still in Trolley Corner. I also spied a similar trolley outside the Gents in Stevenage station, which would mean it had been wheeled through the ticket barriers. I would have taken a piccy but my train was pulling in to the station. There are many good causes for which one could miss one’s train. Taking a photo of a shopping trolley outside a toilet is not one of them.

So in the meantime, here’s a photo of my car’s windscreen where the wipers don’t reach.

At last. The rains. They have come.

It's the shizz!

It's the shizz!

Finally it rained, giving me the chance to see how this Rain Clear stuff works. And I’ve got to say, I’m impressed! Even driving into a moderate headwind, any rain just beads and makes a beeline for the edge of the windscreen long before the wipers come to usher them out of the way. If anyone’s interested, you can get it here.

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