SuperDry season is back.

It’s started. As the days shorten and October beckons us with its gnarled twig-like fingers, we inevitably turn to parts of our wardrobe untouched since perhaps April.

We rediscover jumpers, cardigans, hoodies, scarves and long-sleeved t-shirts. And our trusty SuperDry jacket. I say this as I know this to be true. Every single commuter of blog-reading age and ability has one. Be the stitching white, red, green, orange, yellow and now pink (!), we all have the jacket of many zips. I know because I have conducted an unofficial census.

Here we go again.

They are warmer than they look, which is why it’s easy to jump the gun. I’m keeping my powder (super) dry but it seems at least one Technical Windcheater has emerged from the winter wardrobe just in time to say cheerio to the tortoises as they go into hibernation.

Now this chap disappointed me. As a wearer of the same jacket we are part of a wider socio-economic demographic. We dress the same: we are the same.

For a start his jeans were too short. Not in a Haggerston hipster way either. In a kind of Next or Asda way. And the trainers? Again, disappointing. Clumpy, perhaps suited to real running but not a credible accompaniment to the jean/SuperDry jacket combo.

And the way he walks? Up on his balls too early. Too springy. Too eager. We used to have a kid on our street we called Hooey because he’d bounce along the road calling “Hooey” to no one inparticular. Like him. Without the Hooey.

For the record, this chap had plumped for the white embroidered logo. Mine is red. Perhaps this is a more fundamental difference than I thought.

I certainly hope so.

How to make it snow inside your car.

Come the winter months, my reasonable-in-every-way Ford Focus reveals itself to be more damp (damper?) than the average vehicle.

When it’s parked under cover, it’s not a problem, but when I come back to Swingate in the evening, the frost has not only covered my windscreen on the outside, there’s a thin coating of ice covering the inside too. This is hard to shift.

A reconstruction.

I gave it a go with a redundant credit card combined with the blowers on full. You should try it – it makes your car’s interior very Christmassy. As the scraped ice flakes fall from the windscreen, the fans catch them and blow them gaily hither and thither. They then drift gently down and melt all over my dashboard, probably dripping somewhere mechanically unhealthy.

Plan B anyone?

The heaters don’t really get going until I’ve driven for a bit. Catch 22: can’t go anywhere with the windscreen iced up – it might not be suicide but it’s not a clever idea is it.

I’m leaning towards getting a big bag of silica gel (tarted up with packaging for marketing purposes, of course) to leave in the car and soak up the excess moisture. I”ve found motoring solutions in the past. I can do it again. I shall report back soon.

Roary vs toothbrush

According to First Capital Connect, it’s now officially winter. They’ve rejigged the trains so they give themselves an extra few minutes to get into Kings Cross.

My morning 7.07 train has become the 7.04. That shaves 3 minutes off my morning routine. So is that 3 minutes less watching Rory The Racing Car slacked-jawed with my daughter or do I skip brushing my teeth? This is going to need some careful thought.

... or brushing my teeth.

... or brushing my teeth.

... or watching Roary The Racing Car.

... or watching Roary The Racing Car.

Misting up.

Got this new stuff through the post last week. Anti-fogging goo for the inside of the car windows and rain run-off stuff for the outside.

Does what it says on the er... box / tube.

Does what it says on the er... box / tube.

For some reason, my Focus seem to steam up like a mother. The recent cold snap has been particularly burdonsome. So I tried the anti-fogging stuff last week and by jingo it seems to work. I applied the raindrop-beading slime to the windows yesterday but my experiment has been foiled – no rain today. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating that is. More news when the weather decides to play ball.

Parking-wise. Swingate had a choice of about 4 spaces for me this morning. It’s half-term (and Monday at that) but that doesn’t seem to had any effect on the parking situation. Whether Danesgate chimes with the same statistic, for now I cannot say.

Mo’ sno’ on the Fo’.

Running out of snowy puns for captions...

Running out of snowy puns for captions...

Thought we were past the worst of this weather, but my wife hadn’t lied to me on the phone; it really had been snowing again in East Herts. As my train pulled into Stevenage yesterday evening, I felt quite smug seeing the childlike surprise of my fellow commuters: the area was once again wearing its alabaster shroud (that’s trying too hard isn’t it – I’ll stop now). Basically it had been snowing again.

No, it's not a Focus-shaped snowman, it's my motor.

No, it's not a Focus-shaped snowman, it's my motor.

It took a little while to get the snow off all the windows so I could see out. And once I’d got going, I realised that my headlights were pretty useless as they were still covered in snow, so I had to pull into a petrol station and put that right.

It was pretty slippery stuff. The snow was coming down in very fine flakes, so light it was being blown in all directions – often horizontally – and surprisingly it was settling on the road, despite the back end of the rush hour that my car joins most nights around this time.

Saw a few wheel spins but using the driving skills that I’ve been accumulating from the last few days’ I kept the car moving in a prodominantly forward direction – though I could have done without that big van right up my arse for half of my journey (waves fists again – RARR!)…

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