Free milkshakes for a year.

How to nearly win free milkshakes for a year.

1. Enter a competition on the local radio station to coincide with the launch of Make-A-Shake in Hitchin.
2. Come up with an original recipe for a brand new milkshake.
3. Call it the UFO (Unidentified Frozen Object).
4. Use these ingredients:
– Vanilla ice cream
– Milky Way
– Revels
– Starbursts
– Top with sherbert Flying Saucers
– Sprinkle with Space Dust

5. Get through to the final 4 and the live on-air ‘slurp-off’.
6. Lose to the apple crumble-based ‘Crumble Me Up’ recipe.
7. Have Make-A-Shake like the UFO enough to put it on the menu anyway.

The ingredients (DJ's tea not included).

Chris was unprepared for the UFO's sugary blitzkrieg.

UFO's available here.

In the end they invited my daughter (who’d helped me with the recipe) to come to Make A Shake and try the UFO for herself. She was even interviewed live on air. Her verdict? “Lovely!”

Parking in Stevenage is One!

Wow. Who knew? One year and 1,556 page views later, Parking in Stevenage is still going strong. We’ve covered shopping trolleys, transvestites, Duncan Norvelle, Lewis Hamilton, hats and gloves – all human life is here!

It feels like such a significant event – like the anniversary of Google or Amazon or the internets.

“Why did you start this blog in the first place?” you’re not asking yourself. Well I’ll tell you. It was as much for my own amusement than for any other audience (fortunately). I don’t have to submit my first draft to anyone else to approve. I’m my own boss. I can write what I like. For better or worse.

So thanks to Swingate, Danesgate, Daneshill, Southgate and St George’s multi-storey for having me. To Stevenage station for giving me somewhere to catch the train from. And to First Capital Connect and National Express for transporting me from East Herts to King’s Cross (and back again).

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank both my readers for sticking with me. Believe me when I tell you, things can only get better – that’s probably quite easy for you to believe, truth be told.

Here’s to another 365 days of Parking in Stevenage. It’s gonna be real!

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